A Dissonant Symbiosis

‘A Dissonant Symbiosis’ is an arts project sourced from a variety of emotions stemming from an inner conflict, one created by gravitating towards both the artificial and natural worlds. The work documents a reflection on an entanglement and symbiosis, a harmony and a dissonance we all interact with day to day. A complex relationship between humans and our current world. It seems a love of tech and new invention, combined with the want to rewild and a strong connection to nature, results in confusion at times. Although this is my own emotional sentiment - and it can be overpowering for myself on occasion - for others this sometimes subtle tension between natural and artificial goes unnoticed. However the fact is this circumstance is biologically and practically present always. My hope is that my therapeutic contemplation seen in this work can encourage the audience to think about their relationship with external influences. As humans we now live in a way which is unusual to our biological state, we have more than we need and we are guided into unhealthy habits. Maybe a reflection could stem a change in how we navigate a route to a healthy balance in the unavoidable entanglement of today's day to day.